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​The Standard in UV Spot and UV LED Curing​

Omnicure UV spot curing systems are the most advanced designs in the industry.  The S2000 has been used by nearly every major medical device manufacturer because of its' patented "Close-Loop-Feedback" system.  "CLF" assures 100% repeatable cure results!  Excelitas and TTG are excited to introduce the newest member of the Omnicure family, the S2000 Elite, a drop in replacement for the S2000 with loads of new features.  Click the link below to see the Elite!  The Omnicure product family also includes the LX500, a best in industry LED spot cure system which also features CLF!  Users of LED curing systems enjoy the benefits of instant on/off, extremely long service life, low power consumption, and cool quiet operation. The TTG team can demonstrate these systems on your product, at your facility today!​

   ​     For more information visit: or call TTG at 781-639-0715 or 315-685-1399 in Canada
OM_ProductImage_OmniCure S2000 Elite 1075x1095px.png
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