Wire, Cable, & Tube Processing Equipment

Eraser offers a complete line of wire, cable and tube processing tools including Wire StrippersCable StrippersWire CuttersCable CuttersWire Twisters, Medical Tubing Cutters, Infrared Heating Tools, Reelers/Dereelers, and Fiberglass & Wire Stripping Wheels and Fiberglass Brushes.

Available in both automatic and semi-automatic, Eraser equipment is capable of cutting, stripping, twisting, heat shrinking, reeling/de-reeling, winding and measuring a wide range of material types including magnet or enamel coated wire, coaxial and other types of extruded cable, flexible tubing such as that which is required for medical applications, solder sleeves and heat shrink tubing. Our tools are available as bench-mounted or portable.

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